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Technical Documents

Name Description File Size
3D Modeling Guidelines
Document explains the steps required to create a 3D CAD file. 5.4 MB

CNC bending tool list ideal for mid to high volume production.

356.6 KB

SolidWorks model, drawing and BOM.

5.3 MB
Manual Tube Bending Tool List

Manual bending tool list suitable for low volume and one-off part production. Ideal for FSAE and Baja chassis fabrication.

574.8 KB
SAE Student Guideline

Outlines information needed for a complete quote and manufacture.

248.5 KB
Sample Assembly Drawing

A sample assembly drawing with isometric balloon drawing and three view orthographic with key dimensions listed for reference

104.6 KB

A template for compiling the required material data to submit for quoting.

16.1 KB

SolidWorks Weldment Library files for Round and Square tubes -includes description field for proper cutlist setup.

650.2 KB

List of the currently available 4130N tube sizes.

111.9 KB

A comprehensive description of our proprietary process and procedure, outlining the advantages and features of VR3's Tube Notching Process.

43.7 KB