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Technical Documents

3D Modeling Guidelines
Document explains the steps required to create a 3D CAD file. Download 5.4 MB
Download 356.6 KB

SolidWorks model, drawing and BOM.

Download 5.3 MB
Manual Tube Bending Capabilities
Download 574.8 KB
SAE Student Guideline

Outlines information needed for a complete quote and manufacture.

Download 248.5 KB
Sample Assembly Drawing

A sample assembly drawing with isometric balloon drawing and three view orthographic with key dimensions listed for reference

Download 104.6 KB

A template for compiling the required material data to submit for quoting.

Download 16.1 KB

SolidWorks Weldment Library files for Round and Square tubes -includes description field for proper cutlist setup.

Download 650.2 KB

List of the currently available 4130N tube sizes.

Download 111.9 KB

A comprehensive description of our proprietary process and procedure, outlining the advantages and features of Cartesian Tube Profiling.

Download 43.7 KB