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Welding Services

Quality, Simplicity, Speed

Let Our In-house Welders Jump Start Your Project

Our tube profiling and tube bending processes offer unprecedented freedom for designers with the kind of accuracy that will satisfy any engineer. And welders tell us our tube kits are a genuine pleasure to work with – just open the box and start welding!

However, you might prefer to jumpstart your project with our in-house welding services. We are proud of our high-tolerance GTAW (TIG) welding capabilities and specialize in 4130N chrome moly steel, aluminum, stainless steel and even titanium.

We can handle tack welding and/or final welding for structures up to 30 feet in length. (If you’re contemplating something larger, contact us – we’re already intrigued.)


Added Convenience, Guaranteed Quality

You can greatly accelerate the assembly of your project, or simplify your manufacturing process, by using VR3’s in-house welding services:

  • QUALITY: Our welders’ familiarity with the tube assembly process helps with weld quality and the integrity of the weldment.
  • FIXTURING: To ensure highly accurate weldments, VR3 will use modular fixtures or custom design a fixture to suit the project requirements.
  • SPEED: There’s no learning curve when our own welders assemble your tube frame for you.
  • SIMPLICITY: If welding isn’t one of your company’s core competencies, having us do the welding for you avoids complicating your own operations.
  • SAVE ON ALTERATIONS: If a design issue arises during assembly, we can troubleshoot it on the spot – or even spot a needed change before it becomes a larger issue.
  • NO WASTE: To err is human, but any corrections or design modifications can be done in-house in minutes or hours rather than days to keep your project on schedule.