Unrestricted geometry for your designs
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From project consultation to engineering, technical drawings, CNC notching, bending and welding – we are ready to move your project forward.

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Strength, Accuracy
and Control

Our notching process does not compromise the metal with heat – contact around entire perimeter – tube ends are clocked to the entire structure.

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CNC tube notching eliminates grind-and-fit guesswork – pre-welded assemblies add efficiencies to your manufacturing process.

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Reduced Inventory
and Waste

Order parts and assemblies only as needed – once your CAD files are finalized and in our system, we typically ship re-orders within days.

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Market Sectors We Serve

Performance Racing

‘Super car’ manufacturers and racing teams alike call our chassis and roll cage components “stunningly accurate” – they also speed assembly and reduce waste

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For certified manufacturers, experimental aircraft enthusiasts and classic airplane homebuilders, our pre-cut tube frames slash assembly times

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Custom Structures

We thrive on the creativity and challenge of custom and one-off projects – including aerospace and robotics frames, architectural and sculptural pieces

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SAE Student Projects

We coach college and university engineering teams around the world with 3D design, CAD support and supply pre-notched tube kits for their SAE entries

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Customer Testimonies

Just Some of Our Customers
  • We’ve been using VR3 tubes for prototyping military grade vehicles, motorcycles and motorsport roll cages for 10 years and the quality is exceptional. Using their services and products is a big time savings for us. VR3 is super responsive when a project meets challenges and deadlines are tight.

    Bill Delong, VP Manufacturing, Pratt & Miller Engineering
  • VR3 makes our complex tubular cross members and roll cages a breeze to make with their precise coping and bending. VR3 always goes above and beyond to produce what we need within our tight timelines. There is no other company like them and they are a key part of our success in racing.

    Nick Carter, Fabrication Shop Manager, Vermont Sports Car
  • We have received two CNC-cut frame tubing kits from VR3 Engineering. These are cut on a proprietary CNC mill rather than laser and the cuts are much cleaner and ready to weld. They also fit great … Don at VR3 is great to deal with and the response is prompt, as is the work.

    Dennis Palatov, Palatov Motorsports
  • It is with great pleasure that we chose Cartesian to help us in our chassis fabrication. With their expertise, we will be able to build Windsor’s most accurate chassis in record time.

    FSAE team, University of Windsor
  • Just a note to say, wow, tubes fit together like Lego™.

    David Shackleford, American Legend Aircraft Company
  • Without VR3’s tube kits, I wouldn’t have a Skyote – that’s how important it was. It would be false economy to think you could be ahead building a plane the old way. Get the tubes from Don – you just can’t match the precision.

    John Roberts, engineer and Skyote owner
  • The tube set came today and I’m speechless! The quality of the kit, everything labeled properly, the great drawings, packaging, everything is great. The time it’s going to save on my build is going to be unbelievable. What’s more important is going to be the accuracy of the tube interfaces. If I do my part, this should be one of the most accurate and well-built Acro Sport II’s out there!

    Chris Murley, homebuilder, Acro Sport II acrobatic airplane
  • The fit of the parts and precision is amazing! Once I got all the major components of the fuselage tacked together … we cross squared the assembly and found it was only out of square by less than the width of the line on the tape measure. I put that at about .020”.

    The tagging and inventory system made it easy to separate parts. Overall, the kit was a dream to work with and everyone who watched it progress was in awe as to the precision and fit.

    George Willard, homebuilder, Wittman Tailwind

Life and Work in Stratford

Working with VR3 is a mix of design decisions, problem solving, detail work, customer coaching, production management and quality control, and ranges from Engineering and CAD to Welding and Administration. We are looking for conscientious people who want to work as a team in a small organization. And keep learning.

As a place to live, Stratford, Ontario is a unique cultural and technology centre offering the best of small-town affordability and quality of life with big-city amenities and arts & culture.

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