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Request a Quote

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Whether your project consists of a one-off tube, low volume production or a complex weldment we require a few documents to review to prepare a quote for you. Providing these documents helps you manage the project/design and ensures that VR3 understands the scope of supply and can provide a cost-effective solution with outstanding quality and delivery. 

Alternatively, we can produce these 3D CAD files and documents from sketches, drawings, marked up designs, etc.  Design service costs are determined based on the quality of the information provided, quantity, complexity, bend features, etc.

Also, there is a nominal engineering fee for CNC programming and setup for manufacture from suitable design documents for a first-off tube set.

What to include in your request.

1. 3D solid body CAD files

3D solid body CAD files of the tube(s) or tube structure, preferably Solidworks (.sldprt) OR export the model as a .stp file. This allows us to review the tube structure for compatibility with manufacturing and our process.

  1. Nominal tube sizes, length, end notches and bend details are derived and manufactured directly from the customer 3D CAD model
  2. We prefer to review the entire weldment model if applicable (for suitable trims, bends), then receive individual part files to proceed for manufacture

2. .pdf file of the assembly drawing with a material list/BOM

A .pdf file of the assembly drawing with a material list/BOM: Sample Assembly Drawing

  1. Ensure each tube is identified with an item number (i.e. balloon number)
  2. Part number and revision level
  3. Create this drawing directly from the 3D model, and save/export as a .pdf
  4. Identify reference dimensions and tolerances to help VR3 define the scale and complexity of the project
  5. Send us the .pdf version only

3. Material list/BOM as an excel spreadsheet

A material list/BOM as an excel spreadsheet, which helps us quickly generate a proposal Sample Material List

  1. Include all parts required and indicate parts supplied by others
  2. Tube sizes and material specifications
  3. Identify special features; bends, holes, cutouts, etc.

4. Tubes with Bend Features:

  1. Bend features are subject to constraints; specify tube OD, wall thickness, bend radius, and length between bends to ensure our process will suit your tube part requirements
  2. See our bending guidelines for Manual Bending and CNC Bending
  3. Custom tooling/bend dies can be acquired at a cost if VR3 cannot offer a suitable alternative
  4. Keep bend tubes simple; multiple radii and bends in multiple planes are harder and more expensive to produce
  5. Shipping/packaging costs increase for large volume/bulky parts

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