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Aviation – Frames and Components

Aircraft Manufacturers: Accuracy, Speed, Savings

From engine mounts to tail feathers, VR3 works with a long list of airplane, helicopter, and aerospace manufacturers looking for ways to enhance the quality of their aircraft frames and components and add efficiency to their manufacturing process. The precise fit – and resulting weld strength – of our tube components and airframe assemblies can improve your process and even lower production costs.

In an industry where quality is paramount, and yet pricing and margins are under constant pressure, manufacturers need opportunities to control production costs without sacrificing performance.  Our notching, bending, and welding services are honed to offer the precision, quality, and efficiency required for even the most demanding solutions.



Quickly find our available Aircraft Models List here.

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"Tubes fit together like Lego."

Plans Built Aircraft – Classic and Experimental Aircraft Welding Kits

Homebuilt airplane builders and pilots are a special breed. Since launching our tube notching technology in 2004, we have specialized in homebuilt aircraft plans and tube welding kits. So naturally we have been frequent exhibitors at the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh aviation shows in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, and our customers are scattered across the United States and Canada and around the world. 

Get Flying Sooner

VR3 went into this market because of the long process and onerous challenges that homebuilders face:

  • materials procurement
  • the process of measure-cut-fit-grind-fit-grind … to get tubes to fit
  • the waste and discouragement of mistakes and re-do’s
  • the physical challenge of welding a large frame

In short: Hundreds and hundreds of hours, over months and months, spent in the shop when you could be out flying.

"You can't fit a sheet of paper between them."

Slash Your Project’s Construction Time

VR3 offers a range of pre-cut aircraft tube frame kits for popular classic and experimental aircraft – even an ultralight frame:

  • Acro Sport II
  • Bearhawk Companion
  • Bearhawk LSA
  • Bearhawk Patrol
  • Bearhawk Patrol w / Float Mods
  • Bearhawk: 4 Place w / cargo door
  • Breezy; Model RLU – 1
  • Bücker Bü 133 ‘Jungmeister’
  • DR-107 One-Design
  • DR-109
  • Hatz Classic
  • Laser Z-200
  • Laser Z-2300
  • Legal Eagle (ultralight)
  • Legal Eagle XL
  • Pietenpol
  • Pitts S1S/S1C
  • Pitts S-1-11 ‘Super Stinker’
  • Skyote
  • Sonerai I
  • Super Cub PA18 “Narrow”
  • Super Cub PA18 “Wide”
  • Tailwind W10 Tailwheel w/ “Clement Mods”

We also offer sub-assemblies and accessories:

  • Fuselage
  • Engine Mount
  • Empennage
  • Tail Feathers
  • Rudder
  • Landing Gear
  • Stabilizers and Elevators
  • Control Linkages

And if your favourite model of aircraft isn’t in our Aircraft Models Listing Document yet, we specialize in custom and one-off projects.

Talk to us about your dream airplane project.


A Few Things to Know About Our Aircraft Tube Frame Kits

VR3 tube kits are usually based on public domain and proprietary designs:

  • Purchaser must own a set of plans from an authorized supplier before purchasing a tube kit.
  • Each set of plans provides the rights to build one aircraft.

A typical tube kit includes: 

  • Complete set of CNC precision-notched tubes and formed tubes that are ready to assemble
  • Each tube is documented and labeled with a parts and material list in the shipping box
  • Detailed drawings complete with side and section views confirm layout and orientation of the tubes

Just tack and start welding!

For more information on purchasing a specific kit, please Contact Us.

For more information see our Aircraft Library and list of the available kits and accessories.

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Fast, Simple, Accurate

No more cut-and-grind guesswork – our airplane frame kits are shipped to your door and ready to tack and weld …  right out of the box.

Or Take Advantage of Our Welding Services

If you really want to save time and effort, we can even weld the frame or components for you!