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Custom Tube Structure and Prototypes

We will take your 3D CAD tube design and make it a reality

Metal Tube Structures Offer Great Advantages

For design flexibility, structural strength, optimal weight and cost control, welded tube structures are hard to beat. And our notched tube kits have been described as “a welder’s dream”.

If you have a 3D model of your tube design project, we can work with you to fabricate a complete set of notched and bent tubes – delivered and ready to weld, right out of the box.

Complex Geometries Are Our Specialty

We have worked with engineers, architects and artists to create a range of custom, one-off projects in steel and aluminum:

Metal Tube Structure Parameters

Our metal tube notching and bending process, engineering support and in-house welding services can make your 3D CAD file a physical reality.

Here are the mechanical parameters we work with:

  • All machineable materials – we specialize in chrome moly 4130N steel, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium
  • Round tube diameters: 0.25” OD to 2.000” OD
  • Square tubes: 0.500” to 1.50”
  • Up to 0.125” wall thickness
  • Holes, slots, cutouts: min. size 0.125”, min. inside radii 0.062”
  • Lengths: 0.125” to 240”
  • Welding end notches and complex cutouts fit within ±0.010”
  • Tube bend accuracy within ±0.2°
  • Minimum length between notched, cutout and bending features: 4”

The Beauty of Custom Tube Structures

Some of our favourite custom metal tubing projects

Tell us about your project and vision!

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