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Incredibly accurate tube structures

A Truly Unique System

VR3 Engineering’s proprietary system integrates 3D solid modeling software with custom CNC machining and CNC tube bending – which makes our programming accuracy, tool paths and fit ups ideal for frames and subassemblies made with tubes from 0.25” OD to 2.000” OD.

As a result, our customers call our processes and products “stunningly accurate”.

We deliver your tube kit – labeled, packaged and shipped – ready to weld, right out of the box:

  • Individual tube components, sub-assemblies or complete structures
  • Prototyping and one-off projects – CAD file preparation, design for manufacture, updates, storage and tracking
  • Repeatability – fast turnaround on repeat orders
  • Cold cutting process – no heat affected zone, no surface impurities
  • End notches, holes and slots oriented in a single setup
  • Notches and bends oriented relative to entire structure
  • Simplified welding
  • No grinding, no re-cutting, no gaps, no waste
  • Eliminate raw material inventory
  • Reduce manufacturing inventory.

We also offer in-house GTAW welding services specializing in tube weldments.

Physical Parameters

Materials, tube ends, notches, holes, slots and bends:

  • All machineable materials – we specialize in chrome moly 4130N steel, carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel and titanium
  • CNC cut end notches and complex cutouts fit within ±0.010”
  • Bend accuracy within ±0.2°
  • Round tube diameters: 0.25” OD to 2.000” OD
  • Square tubes: 0.500” to 1.50”
  • Up to 0.125” wall thickness
  • Holes, slots, cutouts: min. size 0.125”, min. inside radii 0.062”
  • Lengths: 0.125” to 240”

We have programmed, cut, notched and bent
literally hundreds of thousands of unique tube profiles

Take a Closer Look

Unique Geometries

Unrestricted end notch geometry; every tube end is unique to the size, angle and quantity of tubes intersecting.

Multiple Tube Sizes

Tube sizes can be mixed within assemblies – any number of tubes, at all possible angles.


Mid-part Complexities

To ensure even the most complex geometry is cut correctly internal holes and features are oriented and cut in the same setup as both end notches.

Assembly Aids

Pilot holes, vent holes and other features can be added for increased control during assembly.


Square Tubing

All profile features can be applied to square tubes. VR3 is capable of notching complex end features on square tubes complete with 4 axis cutting on internal holes and features.

From Data to Delivery

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