Unrestricted geometry for your designs
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Engineering Services

If It’s a Geometric Possibility, We Can Fabricate the Tubes for It

Welded tube structures are still the strongest, lightest, most efficient and cost-effective option for engineers and designers who need design flexibility for performance racing, aviation, aerospace, experimental vehicles, robots, towers, architectural features, sculpture … any project that needs a frame or skeleton for support.

We Thrive on Challenges … We’re Engineers

VR3 supports every aspect of the tube forming process – from concept to 3D design to CAD files to tube notching and bending to welding – to produce the best welded tube structures possible. Be sure to read up on our proprietary tube forming processes.


Engineering and CAD Services

  • Assist designers with 3D modeling of tube structures
  • Produce 3D solid models from drawings, sketches or concepts
  • Prepare shop drawings, material lists, documentation and tube labeling
  • Custom design and fabrication of complex weld fixtures
  • Extract individual tubes from existing weldments or assemblies
  • Generate the CNC tool path programs for each component
  • Manufacture the individual components and tube sets ready for welding
  • Reverse engineer existing weldment structures into 3D models, components and tube welding kits.


We built our own CNC tube notching machines, developed our proprietary process for extracting CNC data from 3D CAD models, integrated CNC tube bending with pre-notched tubes, and added professional welding services.