VR3 specializes in fabrication of high quality precision tube structures. We work with your design drawings to fabricate and weld custom tube structures supporting every aspect of manufacturing process.

Precision Custom Fabrication

  • profiled tube sets
  • notched and formed tubes
  • fixturing
  • large scale assemblies (up to 30ft long)
  • bend and profile complex tubes.
Large scale welded structures

Welded Aviation Structures.

VR3 is proud of our high tolerance welding process, working with 4130N, 6061 Aluminum, & Stainless Steel materials.

High Quality Welding

  • specializing in GTAW (TIG) Welding
  • tack welding
  • final welding

Applications Include:

Aviation . Performance Racing . Industrial Architectural . Artistic Structures

Large scale welded structures

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Large scale welded structures

Formed and welded tube structures.