We brought machining tolerances to the fabrication of structures!

VR3 supports every aspect of the tube profiling process to produce the best welded tube structures possible! Your 3D designs and dimensions couples with our engineering expertise and process to producing tube structures.

Our Services will:

  • Assist designers with 3D modelling of tube structures
  • Produce 3D solid models from drawings, sketches or concepts
  • Prepare and organize shop drawings, material lists and documentation
  • Extract individual tubes from weldments or assemblies
  • Generate the CNC tool path programs for each component
  • Manufacture the tube components and tube kits
  • Supply material with documentation for traceability
  • Test fit and tack weld tube kits
  • Reverse engineer existing weldment structures into 3D models, components and tube kits

Engineering Services

VR3 Engineering developed the Cartesian Tube Profiling Process.

We built our unique CNC tube profiling machines and then developed our proprietary process for extracting the profile data from 3D CAD model files.

The VR3 Engineering talent, know-how, and innovative thinking continuously improves and adapts our technology to unique and challenging applications.

As engineers, we thrive on design challenges!

Tube Bending Services

VR3 provides a unique service of bending tubes with pre-notched ends.

Our process is based on the rotary draw tube bending process. This being the most versatile and economical method of producing tubes in a bend planes.

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3D Model of the design

Fabrication and Welding Services

VR3 understands that some customers have unique demands and needs. To support our customers through the manufacturing process we include fabrication and welding services to complement and support our profiling process.

Such as:

  • Fit and tack weld of tube kits
  • Final weld structures for prototype projects
  • Prototyping and Development projects
Welded tube structures, from kits to full assemblies.