Have a Question?

VR3 welcomes the discussion by responding to inquiries immediately. To ensure a productive communication, we request you consider providing us as much detail as possible, regarding the project. A 3D Model is definitely a great starting point. Regardless please reach out by Contacting us

Need a Quote?

VR3 requires a specific set of information about your project or design to quote effectively. The information relies on the following two key aspects - 1)an overall assembly drawing in 3D of the tube structure and 2)the material list.

VR3 does have a Services offering if you do not have a 3D model. Please see our Services page.

When Requesting a Quote VR3 will need the following information depending on your Project:

Customer's with a 3D CAD design

  1. Assembly drawing in PDF format.
    • Isometric view showing the scope of structure.
    • Material list with the tube numbers and nominal tubes sizes.
    • Material specification.
  2. Material list as an Excel Spreadsheet.
    • Each tube identified with a number.
    • Number of tubes per weldment is identified.
    • Material specification.
    • Total number of pieces per tube set.
    • Quantity of tube sets.
  3. 3D CAD File
    • The 3D CAD file must be modelled as properly defined geometric solid bodies.
    • Review that bends are compatible within our constraints.
    • Special features are identified.
    • Preferred formats are sldprt / step / IGES / parasolid .
    • for Individual components a 3D "solid body" CAD file

Some suggestions to help in the discussion:

ISO Sample Document ISO Sample Document Single Part file 2D drawing information