Our Process

Cartesian Tube Technology

VR3 Engineering designed and built a custom CNC machine to notch both ends of a tube in one setup with one simple tool. This CNC machine, combined with our ability to extract the profile data direct from a 3D solid model, produces components and assemblies impossibly accurate and with repeatability in a convenient process.

Our expertise and process allows for machining tolerances on fabricated structures.

Simplify Welding! Reduce Manufacturing Time! Improve Quality!

Cartesian Tube Technology is based on a CNC machining "Process" rather than laser cutting.

"First-off" and Custom Projects are our specialty.

Eliminate measuring - cutting - grinding - fitting tubes one at a time!

The Cartesian Tube cutting process provides for a tight fit, no gaps to fill thus, optimal for welding.

Our profile cutting is a proprietary machining process using a 0.125” diameter end mill. This produces the cleanest cut surface in tube sizes as small as 0.250” outside diameter.

This cut surface is without heat affected zones or surface impurities which is particularly important with 4130N chrome moly tubing.

Our profiling process has many applications including Aviation and Student FSAE projects.

Our tube bending service completes all your needs.

20,000+ unique tube programs generated to date.

Our unique process for extracting the profile data and generating the tool path ensures 100% contact around the complete perimeter regardless of the tube cluster. The profile cutting program for each tube is generated, catalogued and stored as ‘soft tooling’. If a replacement tube is needed, a new tube can be produced very quickly with 100% repeatability.

VR3 programming methods, toolpaths and related fitups are superior to that of any high-end laser cutting processes.

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Profiled Round Tube

Tubes profiled with end features.

Notched tube with mid part features

Pilot and locating holes.

Tube with locating and pilot holes

Complex mid part profiles.


Additional holes, slots and cutouts added simultaneously in the CNC process. Ideal for vent holes, locating or attachment features

  • min 0.125" hole size
  • min 0.125" slots
  • 0.062" inside radii
Square tubes with notched features

Profiled square tubes with features.

Physical Capacity

  • maximum 2.000" OD round
  • maximum: 0.120" wall thickness
  • 0.750" to 1.250" square tubes
  • Lengths: 0.125" to 240"
  • Materials: all machineable materials
  • Tolerances: better than 0.005"
  • Quantities: single to hundreds
ISO Sample Document

Array of sizes and thicknesses.

Our Profiling Process, Illustrated.