Impossibly Accurate Tube Profiling

VR3 offers a new dimension in productivity and quality for welded tube assemblies. Our pre- cut steel tube components are impossibly accurate and out of the box - weld ready.

Quality . Efficient . Cost-Effective

Using Cartesian pre-cut kits, your welded tube assemblies become just-in-time inventory.

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  1. 0.250" to 2.000" OD Round
  2. 0.750" to 1.500" square tubes
  3. Wall Thickness: 0.028" to 0.125"
  4. Lengths: 0.125" to 240"
  5. Materials: all machinable materials
  6. Tolerances: better than 0.005"
  7. Quantities: single to hundreds

Advantages of using Cartesian Tube kits

  • increase your manufacturing efficiency
  • simplify inventory and storage
  • improve weld quality and strength
  • maintain downstream quality and accuracy
  • eliminate wasted time and material
  • accelerate your shop output
  • reduce your customers wait times
  • accelerate your business production and cash flow

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Aircraft engine mounts.

Volume and Pricing

Substantial savings can be realized with volume and repeat projects.

Proprietary Information:

We respect the proprietary information that we receive from our clients and are ethically and legally bound to hold it in confidence. Manufacturers own the rights to their designs. We can only sell kits to their respective owners. Please see our Policy page for additional information.

Tubes with complex features.