Icosahedron geometry for art or architecture We can profile and notch ends and features in square tubes Icosahedron in stainless steel

Tube that has been CNC notched using our profiling process Complex geometries are easily notched A set of tubes that show the complex notch that is easily done using our tube profiling process

Precise profiling of tubing A set of tubes that show the accuracy and precision of our tube kits Our sample kit demonstrates tubes with complex profiles on both ends and is a good illustration of our process.

tube clusters are shown in a space frame configuration. Complex intersection of tubes creates complex notches, easily profiled using our process Chassis or fuselage tube structures show complex tube notches, which we can CNC cut accurately and provide to you in a kit.

Our demonstration tube kit shows the complex notches and fishmouths we can profile using our CNC process. We can CNC cut complex notches and geometry from AutoCAD or SolidWorks Tube notched and ready to weld out of the box

aircraft tube kit, with fishmouthed and bent tubes We can do tube kits for drag cars, open wheel racers, airplane fuselages, engine mounts, roll cages. We bend and notch tubes in house to provide you with a kit ready to weld from your design.

Kits of aircraft accesories, bent and notched tubes ready to weld. Patrol Aircraft Kit, with profiled tubes Chassis tube kit with formed, profiled tubes

We can profile and notch ends and features in square tubes Empennage rib kit shown with tube kit Empennage rib shown with through tube

Typical empennage rib kit Empennage rib kit assortment Empennage rib with tube end cap

Complex accesories can also be profiled and bent, ready to wel out of the box. Fabricated and welded chassis Chassis tube kit, with bent and notched tubes

Palatov Motorsports D2 Chassis build process Palatov Motorsports D2 Chassis build process Palatov Motorsports D2 Chassis build process

Air craft fuselage of profiled tubes, tacked and ready to weld aircraft tube kit of profiled and bent tubes, tacked as a fuselage tailfeather tubing kit

Hand rail tubing kits, fabricated in stainless steel architectural tubing example, with bent and profiled tubes Unique cab built from tubing kit

Unique cab built from tubing kit Stainless steel swim platform, shown mounted and in water Stainless steel swim platform, mounting plates

Custom chassis weldment Welded frames Large tube fabrication

Small diameter tubing weld cluster Velocity LS3 engine mount Custom engine mount

Custom chassis weldment Tube frame sub-weldment Tube frame sub-weldment

Custom cage weldment Complex_weldment Tube frame sub-weldment

Alumninum weldment Aluminum weldment Aluminum weldment

Small weldment fixture Small weldment fixture Small precision weldment

Large tube structure Large tube structure Production roll cages

Production tube bending Production sheet metal forming Low volume production welding