Tube Bending


VR3 provides a unique service of bending tubes with pre-notched ends!

Our Customers realize value in our formed tubes that come complete with 'profiled' ends. For Performance Racing and Custom projects the efficiency of the "ready for weld assembly" is exceptional.

The VR3 Process

Tube ends are pre-profiled as a straight tube and then formed with the correct orientation, location and bend allowance to produce a formed tube ready for weld assembly.

Our process is based on the rotary draw tube bending process. This is the most versatile and economical method of producing tubes in a single or multiple bend planes.

Profiled Round Tube

Notched and formed tubes.

Primary considerations and constraints for tube bending.

  1. Center-line bend radii (CLR) must be selected and modelled corresponding to existing specific bend dies.
  2. A minimum tube wall thickness must be verified that is adequate for the selected radius and bend angle.
  3. A minimum straight distance of approx. 4.00" between bends in the same plane is required to properly support the tube during consecutive bends. Allow 4.50" for consecutive bends in multiple bend planes.
  4. A minimum straight distance of approx. 4.00" from profiled feature to the start of the bend is required to hold and support the tube for bending.
  5. Larger bend radii produce better bends with smoother transitions! Simpler is better!
  6. CNC mandrel bending is available for thin wall tubing and tight radius applications. This service is also prefereable for supplying larger order quantities.
  7. There are many variables, constraints and combination of features which affect the feasibility of tube bending. Each formed tube must be reviewed by VR3 Engineering.

Refer to the Bending Guideline document for further information.

See our CNC Bend Tooling list for an inventory of our current tooling.

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Profiled Round Tube

Pre-profiled and formed tubes.

Profiled Round Tube

Pre-profiled and formed tubes.

Physical Capabilities

  1. Tube diameters up to 2.000" OD.
  2. Wall thickness up to 0.125".
Profiled Round Tube

Pre-profiled and formed tubes.