Aviation Structures and Components

VR3 provides tube kits for aircraft components. In additional to a large homebuilder aircraft kit library, we can work with manafacturers to supply kits for custom tube structures.

Components and Projects

  • Fuselage
  • Empennage
  • Engine Mounts
  • Landing Gear
  • Control Linkages & Accessories
Aviation tube structures.

Performance Racing

VR3 makes it possible for use of unrestricted geometry of the tubing kits which allows designers to create unique solutions. Our tubing kits enable builders to focus on achieving a high quality welding job, rather than extensive tooling and jigging.

Components and Projects

  • Chassis
  • Roll Cages
  • Suspension A-Arms
  • Custom Tube Structures
Aviation tube structures.

Custom Tube Structures and Components

VR3 provides tube kits for custom designs! Working from a 3D model, we are able to profile tubes for complex geometries. With the right information VR3 converts your concepts into reality!

Components and Projects

  • Architectural and creative structures
  • Robotic structures
  • Railing systems
  • Curved Staircases
Complex creative geometry and sculptures.

Tube Structures and Kits for Manufacturers

VR3 streamlines the production process by providing tube components, kits or fabricated tube structures. From your 3D models we profile tubes for manufacturing and production runs.

Components and Projects

Aviation tube structures.